Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Newest Robinson

So for months now I have been begging Mike for a dog but it always came down to the fact that we just can't afford one. I was getting lonely and bored though and so we decided to take the plunge and make a new addition to our little family. Though costly, Max has made the perfect addition to our family. We adopted him from a rescue agency, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, and they worked with us to get us the perfect dog.

Our First Family Photo

We promised ourself we would get a non-shedding dog due to Mike's allergies but once we met Max that went out the window. ALL HE DOES IS SHED. There is hair everywhere!!! Mike has adapted well though and doesn't react to him much but we are going to get him on prescription allergy meds anyway, just so he is more comfortable. I swear I vaccuum and within minutes you would never even know. We've deshedded him multiple times and bathed him and brushed him, all to no avail. Oh well, he totally makes up for it in cuddles and kisses! He is fantastic on a leash and does great with other dogs.

Last Saturday Mike was out of town so I took Max over to Beth's and he and Dora had a great time together. I was glad to see Max kind of break out of his shell and wrestle with Dora. Max gets tired pretty quickly and wanted to lay down but Dora just wanted to play, play, play!!! While the dogs and Audrey napped, Beth and I had a nice lunch and once everyone was awake we took the dogs to the dog park in Centreville. Max was SO overwhelmed by all the dogs and that he could run around in this big open space. He really stayed by Dora's side because she seemed to know what she was doing! He was totally tuckered out by the time we got back home.

Max and his baby after a long day of chasing tails!!
This past Saturday we got our Christmas picture taken with Santa at Petsmart. Max was a little apprehensive about the man in red.... but he tolerated the photo for Mommy because he knew it was very important to me :)

After Santa pictures, we went to Battery Kemble Park in D.C. which is an unofficial dog park, notorious for the "best sledding in DC". Dogs have pretty much taken over the park and you're not supposed to have them off the leash but everyone else was doing it so we followed suit and let Max free. He was SO GOOD. Didn't even run away. There was an Irish Wolfhound there named Lizzie and MAN! Did Max have fun with her or what?! Lizzie is HUGE and just wanted to romp around all day with Max, but again, Max got tired and walked away after a few minutes, but much to our suprise continued to go back for more! They played for about 45 minutes and then we packed up and headed home.

Max and Lizzie the Giant

Once home, Mike made some chicken wings and we watched the Army/Navy football game. No surprise that Navy beat Army and completed the "Decade of Dominance" :) Womp womp, poor Army :(

At night Max just wanted to cuddle and it was the perfect end to our day <3
My littlest love bug <3