Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our ever-growing zoo....

Haha, so I have been told before that I am manipulative. I agree; I am. However, I never directly witnessed the effects of my manipulation until........ I convinced Mike to let me get a cat!

That's right everyone... my allergic husband who hates cats finally caved (after an incredible temper tantrum, of course) and said that when I was ready, I could get a cat. I didn't waste any time and immediately got online and starting searching local rescues and Craigslist ads of people trying to rehome their animals. I found "Slurpee" (what the heck kind of name is that...) on a local shelter's website and decided I would go see him the next day. And 2 hours later, he declared himself master of the house.

Hi everyone! I'm Winston and I'm a LOVER!

Winston is great. He's totally comfortable in the house and has made it a home. Mike has tolerated him very well and has hardly had any reactions to him. The main thing is that we don't allow Winston in the bedroom because dander on the pillows could pose a very large problem for Mike and the truth is, I kind of like Mike and don't want to him to stop breathing in his sleep ;) Even yesterday he admitted that perhaps Winston is starting to grow on him. I know he is :)

Anyway, enough about Winston. Max is also doing great. I'm still a little mad at him for eating my favorite moccasins and I remember every day because they were my freaking favorite and I wore them with every thing!!!!! UGHHH!!!!! Oh well. I got him a new bone today because he's been extra well behaved recently, and especially tolerant of Winston entering his kingdom.

As far as training for my half marathon, well I was totally sticking with training calendar until Saturday when I went on leave. Now it's been five days since I've been to the gym and I've gained 3 pounds and just feel like a total slob. The way I see it though, I've been working my ass off and have really enjoyed this week of vacation and doing absolutely nothing. I'll get back into it when I get back to work on Monday. Which is actually my 22nd birthday. I feel old. When did I get like this? I might as well be 25, which might as well be 30. OMG stop.

So on Monday we drove to Pennsylvania to see Mike's friends Jarred and Drew, whom he was in Iraq with in 2008. They grew really close and have maintained a great friendship despite all of them being deployed since then and just being far away and moving on with their lives, etc. We met at Jarred's at 4 and had a few drinks and then moved over to a great restaurant and I listened to the boys reminisce about Iraq and what they've all been up to since then. Drew just got back from Afghanistan right before Christmas. For being in such a shit hole, they sure had some fond memories, but like they said, when you're in a shitty place you either make some friends and make some memories, or you get sick and stay miserable for a year. You pick. Drew had to go home that same night but Mike and I (and Max!) stayed with Jarred and his wife, Sarah, for the night. They were so hospitable and I know the boys enjoyed drinking and joking and hanging out.

Mike started school about two weeks ago. He just has this semester and next until he is finally done with his degree, which he has been working on since 2003, but has been deployed so much that he has had to take so many breaks. He leaves for California on Friday for a month for some Army courses and thankfully all of his professors have come up with a way for him to make up the work/keep up with the syllabus so he doesn't have to take yet another semester off. I know he is ecstatic to be so close to completing his degree so hopefully nothing else stands in his way. I am so proud of him.

Well that's about it for now... Looking forward to this weekend. Mike leaves Friday morning and that night  my sister Beth and I are going to a country acoustic show. Then my birthday party is Saturday which I think will be a total blast so hopefully that holds true!!! :)

See ya latterrr!

Oh and one cute picture just because I love my husband so much :)

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