Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Girl friends - we all need them!

Ugh it has been over a month since I posted last, even though I vowed to start doing it more! The good news for all of you is that nothing overly exciting has happened since my last post. Basically, Mike came home from California and OMG it was so good to see him! I missed him so much.... I forgot to take pictures of all the work I did around the house while he was gone but this is what I did:

- Finally hung picture frames with pictures of our friends and family all around the house
- Got decorative wall pieces to hang so it would finally look like someone actually lives here
- Got throw pillows for our bed (he really didn't understand the purpose of these but he smiled and told me they look great, just a like a good husband should do!)
- Decorated the guest room (aka "Blair's Room" since she's the only one who ever sleeps there haha), which included new curtains, 3 wall art pieces, and new bed-side table *which is adorable*, 2 new candles, and a picture of me and B :)
- And the real project was the office. Ever since we moved in we kept vowing to put together the office "next weekend". Well "next weekend" came and went about 20 times and now, 6 months after moving in, it's finally (mostly) put together. It really became our, "Where should we put this? I don't know, put it in the office and we'll deal with it later"- room. So it was just an overwhelming space filled with boxes of crap which had no designated place. I spent three days emptying those boxes and throwing away lots of useless crap, and saving some other nice things (to include Mike's elementary school drawings and projects, his hospital bracelet from when he was born, etc)

I went to Ikea and bought floating shelves which look super cool. I also bought a book case, a filing cabinent, and some things to hang stuff up on. It took about 15 failures to learn that in order to hang something heavy, you need to first find a stud in the wall to drill in to! Well it became so frustrating that I just started drilling in random places in order to figure out where studs were because the dang stud finder was worthless! All the holes are currently covered by stuff hanging on the walls but we will have some serious spackling to do when we move out! hahaha! On all the shelves and around the room I hung up all of Mike's awards that he has received in the Army as well as souveniers from all the countries he has been to. This was Mike's favorite room, because he could tell how much work and thought I put in to it, and because it's a place that displays all his hard work and accomplishments. I am so proud of him.

So that was just a quick update from my last post but what I really wanted to write about was this:

I have never had a lot of girl friends. I have always had 3-4 very close friends that I can rely on and depend on, and they can find the same qualities in me. Last summer I went to a concert with Beth's sorority sister, Jessica, where I was introduced to some other sorority sisters. I had a wonderful time and really loved hanging with the girls but assumed I would probably never see them again (or sparingly, at best). Much to my surprise, those girls showed so much kindness and continued to invite me out places. (I bet they have never thought twice about this, until now, if they are reading it - but it made a big difference in my life!) Well, over the past year I have gotten to know those girls and they have introduced me to more of their girlfriends, and so forth. What I didn't realize for so long is that every girl needs girl friends! Boyfriends/fiances/husbands are wonderful and all, but they totally don't have what it takes to be a girl friend! I have had more girl time in the past six months then I probably have in my entire life, and I am so looking forward to this summer with all these girls!

I recently asked Mike if it bothers him when I go out for the night on a weekend with my girl friends, because I feel bad about leaving him at home by himself. He just laughed and said something to the effect of, "As much fun as it sounds to spend the night with six other girls talking about their periods, I think I'll be okay for one night alone."

What it comes down to is that no matter how independent you think you are, or how much you love your man, we ALL need girl friends! And I'm so thankful I have mine.... new and old (yes, Blair and Rhya, you too!!), you girls are the bomb. :)

This past weekend, for Sedi's birthday

Two weeks ago, at the horse race.
Rachel, Me, Katie, Jessica, Blair, and Heather
 Jessica, myself, Ally
Me, Nina, and Rachel - enjoying some wine on a beautiful day :)

Oh yeah - update on the fitness status - been slackin' at the gym but the Primal Run is in two weeks and I'm stoked. Ready to kick its butt!!!

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll post again in less than a month... ;)

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