Saturday, June 9, 2012

I can't believe I am posting another blog entry within 2 weeks of each other. Shocking.
There are couple things I want to address: My new favorite show, the song I am currently hooked on, and wine, of course.

If you are not watching GIRLS on HBO, you are WRONG. Mike tried to get me to watch this show about a month ago but the episode he started me on was really sexual and we all know I'm a prude so I was really grossed out and thought he was a perv. He kept trying and trying but I was like "ew, no". So Friday our power went out for about four hours while it stormed and we had nothing to do and no power so Mike was watching GIRLS on his phone and I was playing Tetris on mine but I was listening to the show and I could not stop laughing. So I gave in and we started at Episode 1. They are only into Season 1 right now and the episodes are only 30 minutes so catching up is EASY.

Girls, if you have ever had a girlfriend, this show is for YOU. It's basically four girls that are all very different but all have a connection and are very good friends. I personally found that I related best to Marney because she's in a hellish relationship that is so loving it's suffocating and if any of you reading this know me, you know what/who I am referring to. I just LOVE it because every episode has a conversation that I have had with my girlfriends. Bad sex? Drunk? Feeling fat and think you should be anorrexic? Hate your job? Hate your parents? Nanny? It's got it all and you should all be watching it.

Since I'm always thinking I'm a fatass, I personally loved the dinner date episode where one of the girls wasn't eating and the other girl (the host) got offended and her girlfriend said, "Oh sorry, I don't mean to be rude. I'm just not really into eating this week." ..... ha ha ha, I couldn't help myself.....

I just realized I really hope my mom isn't reading this. Or worse, my dad! Oh well, worse things have happened...

If you don't have HBO please send me a private message on facebook or email me and I will tell you how to get access to the are missing out on lots of laughs.

The second topic of interest would be the song I'm currently HOOKED on. I know I'm late to the game but "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gyote is killing me. I LOVE IT. I hated the song originally, probably because I wasn't listening to the lyrics but Mike loves the song and would NOT change the station when it came on so I started listening and it really grew on me and I now have it on repeat. The funny part about the song is that I started liking it right after I saw the first two episodes of GIRLS and, like I said before, Marney is my favorite right now and that song just totally sums up her and her boyfriend's relationship (at least where I am in the series right now). Again, if you know me at all, or have for a few years, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I have just been rocking out to that song for six days now and can't get enough. Besides, we all have that someone that screwed us over, or that we screwed over, and just became somebody that you used to know.... ah, okay I need to get my ipod out..... ;)

Now onto my favorite topic, maybe. WINE. Saturday was the Virginia Wine Festival at Bull Run and I have been looking forward to this for some time now! A bunch of our friends got together and enjoyed wine and people who are passionate about wine, as well as fried food, foot long corndogs, philly cheese steaks, funnel cakes, and cheesy fries!

Side note: Maybe I should not really be into eating this week......

Anyway, we went with our friends Matt and his girlfriend Cammie who the night before became his FIANCE which is just so exciting! I didn't even notice the ginormous glittery rock on her hand for like 2 hours and all the sudden I was like WHAT?! Ah, so so so happy for them. Love you guys.

The happily engaged couple!

I also got to see Rhya which was a treat because she is finally DONE with college and is home for a while so I'm definitely looking forward to spending more time with her. The wine was good, most of it anyway. Even though there were over 100 wineries there, we probably only tasted about 7 of them because the lines were really long. In order to keep the buzz up, the group I was with just rotated turns for buying bottles so we had wine to drink while we waited in line for the next winery. It was a blast.

Sunday we went to Mike's very close child-hood friend's baby shower. He and his wife got married almost two years ago and are due to have their baby boy, Ty Meyer, at the end of August. Alice looks incredible -- I can't believe this is her fourth baby.... Kyle is just so excited and I know he's going make an incredible father. As many of you know, I always try to personalize gifts when children are involved. I just think it's so much more personal and something they can keep forever. Also because it just shows that you care and put a lot of love and thoughts into making it. Homemade gifts are the best <3 So I took on the biggest challenge in homemade gifts that I have ever faced -- a toy box. It was Mike's idea but I was happy to bring the idea to life and he swears that I took it to a whole new level and really made it come to life and surpassed all expectations. I also made a "Daddy Doody Kit" for Kyle as a practical joke for when he's on a diaper duty. I really think they loved our gift.... Overall, I was happy with the end result, but of course there are areas of improvement. I hope I can do another soon. Below are pictures of the final products...

I look like a fatass in this picture but but these are the
happy expectant parents and the toybox that I made.

And here is the "Daddy-Dooty Kit" I made for Kyle complete with
protective eye wear, tongs, plastic gloves, butt paste,
diapes, wipes, and an apron. Good luck, Kyle!

Well, I guess that's all for now. We are leaving to go camping with some friends here in a few minutes so I'll have some good pictures to post once we're home.... :-)

I hope you're all going to watch GIRLS right now. And listening to Gyote.


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  1. ohhh an update! woot! we just got HBO again so I'll have to check out that show!